Casino games are very famous across the globe. One game in casinos is gaining popularity these days. It is, the “baccarat game”. Baccarat game is a kind of card game. To win the player needs cards with highest remainder on dividing the face value of cards with 10.


Players who can play the สูตรบาคาร่า:

There are two players. They are;

  • The customer
  • The banker

The cards and their values:

  • The cards 10, Jack, King, Queen have zero value.
  • Value of Ace is 1
  • All other cards have values from 2-9.

General Rule regarding hand:

  • The total value of hand can’t exceed 9. Therefore, they subtract 10 if the hand value exceeds 9.
  • The value of two 10’s is 0
  • The values 8 and 9 are called “natural”.

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Types of hand:

Player’s hand: This is the hand that is always first acted upon. It initially deals with two cards, which are turned over by the dealer. The outcome:

  • If between 0 and 5, the third card is dealt.
  • If between 6 and 9, the player stands. (it means – no cards are dealt).
  • If 8 or 9, it is a win against all banker hand except 8 or 9. These are termed as ‘natural’.

Banker’s hand: This hand also deals with two cards. The outcome:

  • If 7, 8, 9 no other cards are dealt.

The payouts:

  1. The banker’s hand payout is 1:1, but it has a 5% commission.
  2. The payer’s hand payout is 1:1.

The House-Edge:

  1. For banker’s hand: 1.06.
  2. For player’s hand: 1.24.

Additional card rules:

  • Both the players stand if any of them show a total of 8 or 9. This rule is above all rules.
  • The player stands when the banker shows a total of 5
  • Also, when the total is 6 / 7, the player stands
  • However, when the player’s total is lesser than 5, then, the third card is dealt. This rules also lies above all the other rules of the game for the players and the banker. Learn the สูตรบาคาร่า sa to begin winning.

     In case, if the player gets the third card, the banker will be drawing a third card as per a few more to-be followed guidelines. These rules are designed based on the drawing of the third card provided by the player to the banker; who finally checks for this hand total. Here are the rules for the banker –

  • He stands If the total is 7

Now lets say the player has a third card. In such cases, the banker has to check with his hand total and compare it with that of the player.