Four easy tips you can follow to win more in online casino gaming

Winning money in online casino games is totally fulfilling. Just imagine, you are sitting comfortably at your home’s couch and you hit the jackpot worth ten folds of your initial bet. However, winning is not as easy as it seems, maybe a huge part of your win was all about luck during that time.

It is safe to assume that you already browsed through different websites to get information in winning more, and losing less and end up confused because of the different strategies, approaches, not to mention mathematical calculations that you should memorize.

However, you have to put it simply though, so here are some useful tips from DominoQQ that are easy to remember and can be effective in putting yourself on the winning side always.


  1. Play at a loose online slot- You may have heard at some point or another about the term of the loose slot. This goes way back when online slot machines do not exist. The loose slot is technically a slot that has a glitch which could affect the payout in your favor. Knowing that you are playing online slots that use random number generators, there are some theories that this works in the online version of slot machines too.
  2. Make a comparison on local jackpots first- There are two specific types of jackpots in online slots, the local and network jackpots. The local jackpots usually pertain to its own specific casino where the money is generated from the players that play their online slots while the network or the progressive jackpot is the pool money from players playing from various online casinos. Depending on your choice, you have to study the probabilities and your chances of winning in both types of jackpots.
  3. Make sure the online casino game is fair-If you have not experienced winning in a specific online slot machine that you already played, then it would be better to look for another one. It is very important for you to keep the random number generators or RNG in mind every time you pick an online slot to play because, in this way when you spin the reels, it is considered always a unique event because of the RNG’s method of creating a unique game in each reel spin.
  4. Utilize your bonuses– There is no deposit bonus that is practically a free money, so if you get a couple of dollars for your deposit bonus right after you registered, you should take advantage of this as this will increase your chances of getting free online slots while you get the chance also to win real money during the process.