How to getting started in online poker Game

The offline way of playing poker game was different than online. This online game is a software where we are going to play virtually assuming we have the players in the table .Here in online we dint have any person to interact with us but all the rules which applies for face to face traditional poker pulsa game rules applies here also

Let’s Get Inside

If you are a beginner like me you just download some online poker software available on the internet

  1. Download the software
  2. Begin Installing the program
  • Once installation completes click the finish button

Now you have the software in the hand after this step creates a poker account.

Once you open the account you are asked to pay for yourself. You need to deposit some money in your account.

Like live poker once u are in to the online poker platform you will be given a lobby and you have to grant aces to wide range of playing options.

poker chips


You are now joined in the table, so now your goal is to create a hand greater than of other player. In poker we need to make set of cards based on value of rank or suit.

In online poker game computer plays the role of a dealer. Here we have small blind and big blind. Big blind is the bet amount made by two players whereas small blind is half the amount of big blind. You have to wait for your turn.

So in online, computer dealer is responsible and will automatically deal cards to each player. So in first hand you will receive two cards that is face down we are not able to see whether it is a good hand or not.

If our starting hand is good we need to wait for our turn to bet. So the game begins with the person who is in left side of the player. In online game we need to see the queue so if we are in the middle position in the queue from the dealer we are in the safe position.

If we are sitting in the dealer button then it is the time to put our last card and we are the last person to play the game. There are 3 main choices.

Fold –Player has no chance to win the pot

Call-call the current bet by betting whatever amount is necessary to match.

Raise-raise the bet amount to bigger amount


If you are beginner to play offline poker game it’s better to practice in online and we can proceed to live poker games. In online we are used to all online rules because online and offline rules are same, once we are used to online games there is no fear in proceeding with live.