The impact of software providers on casino experience is undeniable. Knowing which software developer powers an online casino helps a player a lot. You can decide better whether to join or skip an online casino depending on the provider. Each software provider offers various services and features. If you still doubt the importance of casino software, here are some of the ways how it impacts your Judi online casino experience.


There are many platforms available for you to play the games of particular casinos.

Live casino. Providers that specialize in live dealer games are only a few but the number grows each day.

Mobile. There are software providers that let you play casino games on your smartphone or tablet. This is perfect for those always on the go.

Download. Most online casinos are available for download on computers and mobile gadgets. Some are available for offline play after you download the application.

Instant play. Some online casinos are available for instant play. You can use your browser to access the casino and play various games.

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Game availability

Each software provider offers various kinds of games and they have different specializations. These include slots, live dealer games, table games, video poker machines, and more. The variations of these games also depend on the software provider. Most casinos have a limited selection of fewer than fifty games and most of those games are slots. Only a few casinos have more than a hundred games. These casinos are usually powered by top-notch software providers.


Whether you can play the games of a software provider or not depends on your location. Some providers, like Microgaming, do not accept players from the United States. Software providers will lose their license if they offer casino services to Americans. They will be unable to stay in business. This limitation affects players from across the globe.

Game rules

The rules you need to follow as you play a game depends on the software provider, too. Blackjack has various sets of rules for every casino. Some pay 3 to 2 while others pay 6 to 5 for a Blackjack. Other casinos allow doubling down more than once but some do not. Splitting of aces also depends on the provider. The rules affect the odds of the game. You get better odds the more rules favoring the player.

It is crucial to choose your casino with care. The software provider is only one of the factors you have to consider.