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In recent years, technology plays a huge role in the development of aCountry. There is a rapid increase in users of technology. Technology development results in increases accuracy and reduces the time consumption. Every coinhas two sides likewise in technology the development is on good hand side, and the other hand issues like LSM99, hacking etc.., came into action. Mostly all these are illegal activities, which are against the law. It involves the online betting over several games and sports, in which they hoping that there are several winning chances the losing it.

Gambling Arenas

There are many platforms to gain or lose money on depending the luck or sometimes choosing the best of their choice. The popular gambling sites include EI Royal, Wild Casino, Slots Empire, Vegas Casino online etc.., all over the world. And the intention is to win the additional money apart from betting money and some of them are played for thrill. Whatever the intention is, the LSM99 is not recommended at any cost. And the people are in search of thrill are attracting such games and being addicted sometimes more severe than the drug addiction. To play such game or sport the people even cross their limits and in order the gain the bet money they might even go for illegal activities such as robbing and stealing.

Online Gambling Platform

Why Isn’t It Banned

The foremost question arises after we heard all about online gambling is “WHY ISN’T IT BANNED?” The simple answer is, “Because people like to gamble.” The ban is not the only step to keep away from gambling. People need to aware of the cons of using this type of game. Most of the people play because they enjoy it. Unlike drugs, these effects the psychology of the person. And even if this were banned their many untraceable web sources such as deep web and dark web. This webis playing a major role, such as 90% of the total online activities and five times larger than the clear web that we are using presently.

Peaks In India During Summer

Here why I mentioned particularly in summer because most of the gambling occurred during the season of the Indian premier league (IPL). Most of the people will be betting on their favorite team and their favoriteplayers, over lakhs and crores of money exchanged over the online gambling apps. In India,there is no separate law for this illegal activity but the government orders very strictly in such cases.

In conclusion, as compared to pros there were many disadvantages in the usage of online gambling, so one must be far apart from this gambling. In certain cases, it may also cost the people lives. If a person effects it, then it is not affecting only the person but the whole society.And there are many victims in this illegal activity, so act like an intelligent and be safe and stay away from this