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Currently, a great slot machine becomes very popular in UK among slot and bingo players and it is known as roma slot. It is available in w88. This slot is also known as cosmic cash and it comes in two types, a jackpot slot of £70 which can be played only offline with three reels and there are other five slots which can be played online or offline. The five reeled slot machine has a maximum jackpot of £500 but when roma is played online, there is a possibility to stake up to £200 per spin and thus this makes a huge online jackpot of £100,000. This type of cash slots comes with three one reel feature and three bonuses. A player must reveal three bonus scatter symbol at the beginning on the reels to open any of the bonuses. Multiplier bonus is a bonus which usually people will not see as a real bonus but this is the first and foremost bonus. After three bonus symbol are revealed, then one of the symbols need to be picked and often a multiple bonus will be simply revealed by the symbol or else that means the user is moving to one among the two bonus games.

Roma Slot

Bonus Games With Best Options


Asteroids bonus game is the second of the bonus rounds which is really exciting to play. This bonus will be activated if one of the three bonus symbols is picked. The player will be presented with board of asteroids after activation and provided with the option to select asteroids. Martian will be available behind each asteroid and revealing the Martian will reveal all surrounding asteroids which gives a better chance for a good win.  There is one more bonus on the third place to play on money mad cosmic cash slot machine which has the better chance to provide the jackpot prize of 500 times the playing stake of the user. This bonus is known as planet bonus. Three bonus scatters need to spin and one needs to be chosen which hopefully for the user is planet bonus. Planet bonus in Roma slot machine is similar to pots of gold bonus in Rainbow Riches with a simple difference that instead of pots, planets will be played. Also to make the game much easier and in understandable format, videos of the two main bonus games has been embedded in the bottom of the page.