Play Volleyball And Follow All The Rules

If you have never played volleyball and decided to catch up, you need to learn and practice the rules of กฎกติกาวอลเลย์บอล and its associated skills. To be a strong player, you only need to have five essential skills. The best way to find out is to play. These skills to help you with your trip are listed below.

Most people learn to play volleyball at school. Volleyball is an active and explosive sport that can be played with up to four people, although volleyball is played with up to 12 players. It is a sport that can be practiced at any age and also offers excellent health benefits.

Volleyball rules become very specific and cover topics from the size and position of the numbers on a shirt to the line width. I will cover the basic rules of the internal volleyball competition so you can start.

Each team has six players on the field at the same time, separated by a grid. A member of the group served volleyball beyond the rear limits of the competing team stadium, starting with volleyball. The opposing team should not allow the ball to land in their place. You can hit the ball three times before returning it to the other side over the net.

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The three main types of volleyball strokes are bulge, inflation, and height. The bump is usually the first contact with the ball. The hands are folded with straight elbows and downward arms. The set is carried out with the fingertips of both sides touching the ball around the player’s head and is used to level the ball near the net. Height is when a player hits a ball across the net to the stadium of the other teams.

Points are scored either by the opponent’s team error or by killing. An error occurs when the ball lands outside of the opposing field or the ball hits the net or does not exceed the net in transmission, two successive hits by the same player, and four hits without the ball going over the net, the player holds or throws Ball.

The killing occurs when the ball hits the ground in the field of the opposing teams. Only the working group can collect points. If the bidding team misses or loses the rally, the opposing team wins the serve.

There are some exceptions to the rule of multiplying by three. The ban is not an infringement. This means that the player can intercept and then immediately hit the ball without penalty. If a height is blocked, the number of hits is reset to zero, and the team can hit the ball three more times without penalty. It is good to know วิธีเล่นเบส.

If you’ve never played volleyball before there are city leagues in most communities, you’ll often find church groups and entertainment centers where teams are available.