Setting up your own syndicate in online lottery

The probability of winning a jackpot in a Lottery game is so remote that apparently there is no chance at all to win. But knowing all these odds still the players like to play the games of chances such is the power of the gambling and the extent of hope in the minds of the people. If you consider the UK national lottery you have chance of winning 1 in 13, 983, and 816 whereas in the lottery the odd is much more than this. However if you become a member of a syndicate and play jointly with the members of the syndicate then the probability of getting the winnings becomes more. Here the syndicate buys the tickets on behalf of the members and the members deposit the cost of the tickets which they want to buy to the manager of the syndicate. The winnings are distributed among the members in proportion to the number of tickets bought by the individual members.

Setting up a syndicate

It is a grand idea to set up a syndicate so that you can earn a regular income by the commission of the tickets brought by the members. But the syndicate business is not devoid of fraudulent practices and there are many scopes of deceiving the members by some smart players in the role of the management. So it is of great importance to choose an honest, dependable and organized person in the post of the manager so that the administration of the functioning of the syndicate falls on the right hands. But in spite of this there is an urgent necessity to form a committee and a deed of law which will be signed by all the members binding them to the rules and regulations of the syndicate. The deed will have the stamp of the court to make it authentic and valid in the eye of the rule of the country.

The record of the tickets หวย ข่าวสด bought by the different members has to be regularly entered and the book maintained and checked from time to time by the manager. The prize money won will be distributed among the members and the amount of money for each member will depend on the number of tickets purchased by the individual members. The contract deed forms are available in the internet and can easily be downloaded. The agreement will clearly mention the mode of distribution of the winnings in Lottery in case of any death of any members of the syndicate so that confusions can be avoided.