Online Poker

The Dangers of Online Poker

Playing can be all fun and stuff but it can come with its peril. If you understand anything about gambling then you understand that casino games can be addictive. The case is different or even worse for those who are playing on the internet. Poker Online posse dangers such as developing even a stronger addiction than just going to the casino because then the game is just a fingertip away.

The dark side

Studies conducted on poker players and cocaine abusers have proven to show the same results in MRI results. As known, poker can be extremely addictive when not done responsibly.Some countries have gone to the extent of banning it.It is almost difficult to differentiate the characteristics of cocaine addicts to those who play online. A close look at them and you will notice that both tend to be underweight and have the inability of thinking of other things other than getting a game online. Not to worry poker lovers as not everyone has the same dark side but it is almost sure that irresponsible gambling online has wrecked lives. With today’s society filled with poker boomers, online poker addicts becoming more prevalent by the day.

The side effects

On a one on one interaction with people who came out to admit that they had an addiction from playing online poker, they admitted they were faced with severe side effects. It was shocking that some even could not eat and were faced with constant uneasiness. It was from the stress caused that made them lose appetite and all they could think of was nothing but the game. They admitted that it got worse when they thought of doing something constructive other than that and they ended up playing even more. To some, having conversation especially during a session online. To them, nothing more existed than the game.

How to know when the addiction is happening

Like any other kind of addiction, online poker addiction comes with denial. As a victim, you feel like you are managing and playing responsibly until it becomes the only thing that matters in life.Although it may not be easy to find out if you are developing the addiction or you have already become an addict, the following may help. Frequently choosing to play Poker Online over family or friends, spending more than you can afford on the game,compelled to drop more money on the site after losing and even selecting high stakes to get what is lost back and several attempts to quit playing.So in as much as you may have found a hobby online, it may turn out to be the greatest danger in your life.