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Home games are always a delight, be it carrom, chess, UNO, or of course, poker. A game played with people you cherish brings nothing but utter joy and satisfaction. Similarly, online games during this sullen pandemic period could be just as fun, if not more. On a serious note,Online pokerwould give you dozens of options, even better ones than what you would have experienced in the actual world. You don’t think? Well, I’ll tell you how. Buckle up and prepare to put an eye-to-eye online pokerset up right from the scratch. However, before proceeding, you should be clear in your head as to which game you’re willing to move ahead with. Is it going to be a tournament or a game of filthy cash?


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Tournaments are pretty fun to play since they get you restless and competitive! Your friends become your arch-nemesis and the feeling is par excellence when you beat them at it. But then, tournaments do have a con and that is, if your friends get eliminated and leave the game pretty soon, there’s not much to do with a short group of fellas. And I’m sure that’s not what you’re looking out for, right?

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