Various types of the welcome bonus in casino

Below you will find some of the best bonus which are provided by besides welcome bonus.

Match Bonus

You will receive this bonus when you deposit in the casino. Your deposit is been match with a certain percentage of the deposit. If a casino is offering you a 100% match bonus for 200$, this means that they will provide you the free money of 100% to 200$. This also means that when you are depositing 50$ then you will receive another 50$ as a bonus. This will make your bankroll at 100$. If you are depositing 150$ then you will get another 150$ bonus and this can make a total of 300$.

This bonus is been used by new players who are making their first deposit in the casino. The factor which needs to be kept in mind is that the bonus percentage which you would be able to get working value out of this.

Free Money Bonus

This bonus is also been received by you after your first deposit in the casino. This will be irrelevant to the amount which you are depositing. If a casino is offering you around 50$ when you are depositing 10$. This will make your total 60$ in your bankroll. If you are depositing 70$ then you will get 30$. So, this is like some mathematics calculations. So when you are comparing this with the match bonus then you will find that the free money bonus is much better than that as you are getting more money on your deposits. Here it also means that you are getting more percentage of the bonus. So before you hit the casino, see if a free money bonus is provided or not by the casino. In starting this bonus will look like low amount but the work out value for this bonus is very high.

Sticky Bonus

This is the bonus which casino is offering when you are starting to play in the casino. But you would not be able to withdraw this amount. This is like free money which is been provided by the casino for helping you start the play. When you fulfill the playthrough requirement then you would be able to withdraw your winnings. You can withdraw only the winnings but not the bonus. The bonus money is then be removed from your account at the time of withdrawal. This casino is very generous with bonuses because of this reason. So, you are ending up playing with the massive bankroll. Some casinos are offering up to 3000$ as a bonus.